Getting Ready for Rubicon

We can’t wait for you to join us. Read the helpful tips on this page to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a great week.

There are three key things for you to prepare – your paperwork, your bag and your mind.

1. Your paperwork

You must submit all your completed consent forms, medical forms and action plans before you get on the bus to Rubicon. Our tip – don’t leave it to the last minute!

Here’s where you can find all the forms you need.

2. Your bag 

Start by having a read of the packing list. Check off what you can, then get creative. There’s no need to buy something just for Rubicon that you may not use again. You could borrow an item from a friend or family member or buy an item second-hand.

When it comes to specialised clothing and sleeping equipment, we have spares. Ask your school camp coordinator to get in touch with our staff to see what’s available.

Everything you bring with you could get dirty, wet and smelly, so don’t bring your nice clothes. Keep your gear appropriate for an educational trip with classes outdoors in all kinds of weather.

3. Your mind — mental preparation

A week with us is full of discovery and you’ll no doubt experience ups and downs. Coming away well-rested can help you focus, maximise your time and confront challenging moments. At our school, we value exploration and adventure as an opportunity for meaningful learning and hope to spark your curiosity in new ways.