Learning With Us

At Rubicon, we might do things a little differently from the way your school does them, but our purpose is the same – to support and challenge you as a learner. Your time at Rubicon is a part of your schooling, but the classes and learning activities look different.

Much of your learning here will take place outdoors. For example, a rafting trip may be a lesson around collaboration, a ski tour may be a class on resilience, while a challenging bushwalk might be used as an ideal way to support your leadership and independence. Your time at Rubicon is an opportunity to be curious and learn together, embracing individuality and what each person brings to the experience.

These classes are developed by us together with your school – just for you.

We know that learning can be challenging at times. But whether it’s a question that makes you think or a situation that feels unfamiliar, it’s ok. It’s in these moments, with the proper support that we can grow. Our staff, alongside your teachers, are here to support you each step of the way throughout the learning process.

We’ll also provide you with the opportunity to learn and uncover real, relevant and important life skills that will support you both at school and in life.