How are the learning groups formed? Will I be with my friends?

Teachers from your school typically allocate Rubicon learning groups. If you have any specific concerns, please talk these through with them before attending.

What will happen if I feel unsafe or unsure about participating in outdoor activities?

Our teachers and support staff will help and encourage you to participate comfortably and safely in your learning at Rubicon. All staff are experienced and qualified to deliver all aspects of the learning program, are first aid trained and have expert knowledge of the activities, local area and environments we work in.

How does the dormitory accommodation work?

Our dormitory rooms each have bunk beds. Teachers stay in separate rooms in the same dormitory. We work closely with your teachers to allocate students to rooms. Please discuss any room concerns with them.

Can I bring my mobile phone to Rubicon?

Please leave all devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, music devices, etc. at home.

  • As Rubicon is a DET school, you are not permitted to use mobile devices while at Rubicon.
  • We have limited phone reception on-site.
  • With learning activities often held in outdoor environments, any expensive items can be damaged or lost.
  • You don’t need it for photos (see Can I bring a camera).

Let your friends and family know that you’re taking a short break from your socials while you’re at Rubicon. Once you get back, you can share how great your time away was.

If you have special circumstances that mean you need access to technology during your visit (e.g. a blood sugar monitoring app), please discuss this with your school coordinator.

Can I call home if I’m feeling homesick or need to contact my family?

If necessary, we can support you to contact home when necessary. Likewise, your parents or carers can contact us during your stay with a message for you. You can discuss this further with your teachers.

Can I bring a camera? 

Please don’t bring your own camera. Each learning group will get a waterproof, drop-proof camera to use, suitable for outdoor activities. At the end of your program, your teachers will receive the photos to access back at school.

What if I have food allergies or a special diet? 

We can cater for all special dietary requirements including coeliac, vegetarian, halal, lactose intolerance, severe allergies and anaphylaxis, and more. We’re also mindful of the specific needs of different cultural and religious groups. Make sure you list your dietary needs on your Rubicon medical form. Feel free to contact Rubicon if you have more questions.

Do I need to bring my own snacks?

You may need to bring your own lunch and snacks on the day you arrive. Check this with your teacher. Otherwise, there’s no need to bring any other food with you. There is access to plenty of filling and nutritious food during your stay. Lollies and snacks from home may be unsafe for others with medical or dietary restrictions, and can detract from the sense of community created at Rubicon.

I need to follow specific cultural routines while at Rubicon. Is this possible? 

We’ll work closely with you to create time and space for any cultural needs or religious practices. Make sure you share your needs on your medical form and also let your teachers know.

If you still have questions, you can: