VCE Unit 3 & 4

In units 3 and 4, students explore human relationships with outdoor environments, their use and management. A new element in this study design is area of study 3 in Unit 4 which constitutes an independent investigation in which students draw on at least four key knowledge points from Unit 3 and 4, to investigate in the context of at least two outdoor environments.

Rubicon can support students and schools to deliver this significant undertaking with fidelity to the intent of the study design with the following program design:

Program concept: Independent investigation

This program will consist of three components:

  • A practical experience in term 1 or 2
  • A practical experience in term 3
  • At least three home school visits where Rubicon teachers work with students to plan their investigation, collate data, provide feedback and ultimately assess and provide feedback on the written report. These visits will take place, before, between and after the practical experiences.

Specific outdoor experiences will depend on a range of factors including student experience, time of year and location of the school, but can involve up to a 5-day journey and will be in two of the alpine, forest, inland waterway, heathland or coastal environments. The focus of these trips will be a deep engagement with the environment including a range of opportunities to collect primary data relating to the key knowledge of Units 3 and 4.

Other important information relating to this program:

  • Students will know in advance which environments they will visit so they can choose their key knowledge points appropriately. Rubicon teachers will also advise students of which key knowledge is particularly relevant to those environments.
  • Students participating in this program will be enrolled in our learning management system and will be able to ask question, submit work and interact with Rubicon teachers and other students online, before, during and after their practical experiences.
  • The written report for this outcome will be due for all students from all schools in early term 4.
  • The written report will be assessed, marked and moderated by Rubicon teachers and provided to the school and students before schools are required to submit their marks.