Financial Information

Our school has a fee of $30.00 per student, per day. Therefore, as an example, a five-day program will cost each student attending $150.00 in total.

Additional information regarding GST can be found here (DET login required).

Our school invoicing process:   

Once your application for a program is accepted and confirmed by Rubicon Outdoor School, you will receive a total of two invoices for your up-coming booking in the following order:  

1. Acceptance Invoice

This will be issued upon your acceptance of the proposed program. Your application will be confirmed once this deposit invoice is paid.  This deposit invoice is calculated based on the number of students applied for  ×  $30. Please note: all deposits are non-refundable if your program is cancelled less than 10 weeks out from the program start date.

2. Final Invoice

This will be based off the confirmed number of students attending 4 weeks out from the program start date and will be issued within the fortnight post program completion.

When are these payments due?

All program invoices are due within 7 days from the date they are issued and must be paid before the due date.  

How are the invoices issued?

All invoices are generated through our booking system and emailed to the school’s coordinating teacher who is in charge of that particular program and also to the school’s generic email account for accounts payable.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with making payments?  

Please contact us on 5773 2285 or send an email to