Allocations & Applications

We are still open to receiving applications for 2023. These will be added to our 2023 waiting list.

Applications for working with us can be submitted for the 2024 school year.

  1. Applications formally open for 2024: 10th July 2023
  2. Calendaring begins: 21st August 2023
  3. Schools notified for a place in 2024: 15th September 2023

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Attending schools are required to provide staff to meet overnight supervision requirements. In consideration of the requirements around camps within the new VGSA, we ask that all applications be supported by the Principal prior to submission.

Applications are considered in line with the DET Outdoor Education Schools Policy:

  • Schools with cohorts of students who would benefit most from attendance and would not ordinarily be able to access such opportunities, including disadvantaged students, Koorie students, vulnerable students, students at key transition points.
  • Schools that have not previously attended, except for where there is an agreement in place for a school to attend over consecutive years (your school would have a formalised Memorandum of Understanding, and in this instance, you do not need to apply again. Contact us if you’re unsure).
  • Schools that demonstrate a commitment to meeting the best practice principles around delivery, including joint planning, strong and clearly identified learning intentions, connections with the visiting school’s curriculum, and reinforcing the learning upon the students’ return to the classroom.

Our teaching model is based around 5 days with Secondary School students. If you wish to attend for an alternate duration, please make a note in the additional comments (minimum of 3 days). Enrolments of 5 days are prioritized due to our instructional practice.

If you have concerns around missing out on a booking, please raise this with the School Principal. If you feel the matter wasn’t resolved effectively then the process outlined under “Escalation” within the Complaints and Concerns Policy should be followed.

You can place an application here (please ensure that when selecting your preference date/s you select the correct year so that your application is received):