VCE Unit 2

In Unit 2, students focus on different understandings of and impacts on outdoor environments. They also learn to become more independent when participating in outdoor experiences. Area of study 3 requires students to plan for and peer-lead an outdoor experience in a specific outdoor environment.

While the key knowledge and skills are very similar to those of Unit 1, to maintain fidelity to the intent of the study design in Unit 2, Rubicon recommends a different program design:

Program concept: A peer-led journey

This program is probably best suited to later in the year when students have already developed some basic outdoor skills. In contrast to the Unit 1 program, this approach is an opportunity for students to demonstrate skills rather than an introduction. It is also an opportunity for greater focus on a particular experience in a specific outdoor environment.

The format will be a mixed residential/base camp and a 1-3-night journey component. The journey could be:

  • A bushwalk in an alpine, forest or coastal environment.
  • A river trip in an inland waterway environment
  • A ski tour in an alpine environment

For this program, Rubicon teachers will work with students in their home school prior to the program to plan their outdoor experience including:

  • minimal impact strategies and monitoring,
  • route, food, equipment and transport planning,
  • risk management and planning for the impact of weather.
  • maintaining a logbook.

The focus will be on student autonomy and, while Rubicon teachers will accompany students on all aspects of the program, the journey will be student-led.

Rubicon teachers will assess and provide feedback on students’ practical skills. This will include an evidence-based assessment of S or N for outcome 3, and if further demonstration of learning is required, specific feedback as to what students need for satisfactory completion.