VCE Unit 1

The overall intent of Unit 1 is for students to explore the way people interact with and respond to outdoor environments and, through practical experiences, begin to develop the skills necessary for safe and sustainable interactions of their own.

For best effect in Unit 1, we recommend attending a Rubicon program early in the unit as a kick-starter to students’ practical learning,

Program concept: An introduction to outdoor skills

Best suited to earlier in the year, this program would involve a 5-day residential or base-camping program at one of Rubicon’s campuses, with a 1-night journey component. Rubicon teachers will give students a thorough experiential introduction to all the area of study 3 key skills:

  • minimal impact strategies and monitoring,
  • route planning,
  • food and equipment planning,
  • risk management planning,
  • transport planning,
  • the impact of weather on trip planning
  • maintaining a logbook.

Students will have the opportunity to spend time in at least two different environments which may include:

  • Alpine
  • Heathland
  • Forest
  • Inland waterways

Students will also participate in at least two different outdoor experiences which may include bushwalking, rafting, mountain biking, cross country skiing, caving or climbing and ropes-based activities.

This program will include an assessment that gives students feedback on where they are at with key skills and knowledge of this outcome and what they need to demonstrate to achieve satisfactory completion of the outcome.