Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum at Rubicon is drawn from all sub strands of the learning area. Broadly, it encompasses:

  • Learning the specialised movement skills required for adventurous outdoor activities like rafting, skiing or mountain biking.
  •  Learning about relationships, effective collaboration, and ways of interacting positively with others through authentic experiences in the outdoors such as an overnight bushwalking journey or river trip.
  • Learning about strategies that promote health and well-being including connection to the natural environment, connection to community, safety and decision-making and healthy lifestyles.

Please use the interactive graphic below to explore our HPE curriculum.

We aim to engage deeply with a smaller number of content descriptors, rather than more superficially across a broad range of content, so for a 5-day program a school would generally choose two related content descriptors at the appropriate level for the cohort.

For example, at the 9-10 level the following content descriptors from the movement and physical activity strand could be delivered together in the context of a multi-day river trip:

DescriptorExample Context
Specialised movement skills descriptor: Perform and refine specialised movement skills in challenging movement situations (VCHPEM152)The specific skills of paddling a raft on moving water and the skills required for a lightweight journey such as setting up camp, managing and preparing food and managing health and environmental impact.
Collaboration descriptor: Devise, implement and refine strategies demonstrating leadership and collaboration skills when working in groups or teams (VCHPEM158)The skills and knowledge required to work collaboratively to paddle, navigate, camp and function in a small group during a river journey.