Our Activities


Overnight Campouts may be negotiated as a part of a two or three day bush walk.


School programs normally involve a 3 hour flat water session to introduce students to the basic skills of canoeing. The program may then also have a full day option.


Caving is an activity offered at our Nayook campus. It takes place on the Britannia Creek, which flows down through a series of massive boulders forming the caves. Students are equipped with a helmet, flash light and real sense of adventure as they descend into the dark depths of the cave system. Here they encounter cave crickets, glow worms and fool’s gold.

The cold, dark and confined spaces force students to work together to overcome natural obstacles which include climbing rocks and wading through underground streams. Whichever way students approach this unique challenge, one thing is for certain, they will be getting their hands dirty!

Challenge Ropes

Rubicon’s high ropes course provides the perfect experience to develop trust, teamwork and personal challenge. Students are provided with a safety briefing and practice on the ground before having the opportunity to complete a variety of elements.

The ‘Challenge by Choice’ philosophy provides for a learning experience that can enable participants to set targets to achieve their goals.

Cross-Country Skiing

Winter programs have the option of 2 full days of skiing (subject to snow conditions). Students are introduced to the Alpine environment on cross country skis. In the event of poor snow conditions, alternative activities are provided.

Environmental Studies

Interaction with the natural environment through the outdoor activities we offer, is an integral part of Rubicon programs. Journey-based activities such as bush walking, rafting, canoeing, mountain bike riding, cross country skiing and exploration days provide many opportunities for environmental education.


Rubicon can provide equipment and expert staffing for specialised and extended programs.

We can arrange trips, activities and instruction anywhere in Victoria. Program development aligned to specific projects can be negotiated with a wide variety of options available.

Initiative Activities

Fun and challenging group activities that promote the development of decision making, leadership, teamwork, communication, trust, persistence and co-operation. Sessions may be a progression of problem solving activities or a journey with initiative tasks en route.

If your school chooses the focus of Leadership, the sequence of initiative activities allows students to practise their leadership and evaluate other peers leadership styles.

Initiatives are an ideal activity for schools who wish to focus on teamwork. Students can witness how a team needs to operate to be effective and improve on these in future activities.

During the initiatives, issues of meeting the challenge are addressed as students will learn to identify their strengths and weakness which will assist them in overcoming the next challenge.

Mountain Biking

The area around the Rubicon campuses abound with great opportunities for students to get their first taste of mountain biking. From winding dirt roads to single track, it’s all here. Rubicon has a fleet of quality mountain bikes in sizes to suit the smallest to the largest students.

Participants are guaranteed to have a great time and develop skills to provide them with a better understanding of riding ‘off road’.


We have rafts and equipment for up to 24 participants and can offer a number of great activities in the local area. Rafts or inflatable canoes are the options of craft.

Participants can learn the basics of guiding a raft and everyone has the leisure to bird watch or watch the scenery, providing an excellent platform for environmental studies.

Rock Climbing

Rubicon offers a 3 hour introductory session which includes a briefing, instruction and practice at belaying, knot tying and basic climbing techniques. It also offers the opportunity for abseiling

Climbing helps to foster a sense of confidence, trust, interdependence and group unity and encourages goal setting and persistence. All students, even experienced climbers, can find a challenge.

We also conduct full day climbing sessions where students can enjoy climbing and abseiling on real cliffs amongst spectacular scenery. With a little experience, students may have the opportunity to tackle up to 60m climbs and abseils.


Rogaining is the sport of cross-country navigation; teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints as they can in the time allowed. Traditionally, Rogaining is a 24 hour event, however, at Rubicon we typically run a 1 ½ to 2 ½ hour session either in bushland, farmland or around the Rubicon campuses. It is a great opportunity for students to challenge their navigation skills and learn how to find their way around using a map.