Student Safety

Emergency information

The safety of all students and staff at our school is of primary concern. We have many measures to ensure we are prepared in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Extreme weather management and fire danger ratings

All Rubicon staff have in-depth knowledge of weather and conditions for the areas they teach in and adjust classes accordingly. If a Severe Weather Warning or Severe, Extreme or Code Red Fire Danger Rating is issued for our activity locations, alterations are made and, where required, communicated to the schools working with us.

The school maintains active monitoring of conditions via Emergency Management Victoria and accesses information in conjunction with emergency services. Regular monitoring of the Bureau of Meteorology data and communication with land and resource management authorities supports our rigorous approach to maintaining safe learning environments.

Further information regarding the fire season can be found here.

Emergency management plan

Rubicon’s Emergency Management Plan is regularly practised and annually reviewed in line with Department of Education and Training (DET) requirements.

Adventure activities

Rubicon uses outdoor environments and various adventure activities as our “classrooms”. As a DET school, we adhere to DET guidelines, regularly updated internal risk registers and activity management guidelines, localised for our specific geographical areas.