Applying For a Program

Our application process is always open, however annual bookings are offered to schools at the end of term 3 of the preceding year. All other applications are added to a waiting list.

For 2023 programs, calendaring begins 23/08/22 with schools being notified of placements on the 16/09/22. Schools applying after this date will be placed on the waiting list.

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Please contact Rubicon if you have any enquiries.

Organising a Program

1:Download planning checklist

Complete this step three months prior to your program.

2:Confirm student numbers

Complete this step ten weeks prior to your program.

3:Download student forms

Complete this step six weeks prior to your program.

4:Download additional forms as required

Complete this step six weeks prior to your program.

5:Download student equipment list

Complete this step six weeks prior to your program.

6:Submit required information

Complete this step four weeks prior to your program.

7:Download visiting teacher information

Complete this step four weeks prior to your program.

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Work Experience Application

Note: There is no more availability for work experience in terms 2 & 3 2021.

To be eligible for Work Experience at Rubicon, students must be in Year 10 or above. Successful applicants are assigned to a qualified teacher to work with duing the placement. Work experience students assist the Rubicon staff in providing a range of outdoor adventure activities and general duties whilst on site.

Accommodation and meals are provided for the duration of the experience. Further information will be provided to successful applicants.

Please download an Application form, complete it, then send to Rubicon (details on the form).

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Student Teacher Application

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Volunteer Application

If you wish to be a volunteer at Rubicon, please complete the application form below. Placements can be short (days) or long-term (months). Rubicon values the many volunteers who assist in school programs.

To ensure that the school meets its legal obligations, Rubicon is required to undertake suitability checks which may include a Working With Children Check, proof of identity, work history involving children and/or reference check.

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Code of Conduct

Guiding Principles

  • To ensure that the rights of all individuals are protected whilst at Rubicon, and travelling to and from Rubicon.

  • To create the best possible learning environment.

  • To ensure that breaches of our code of conduct are treated in a fair and consistent manner and within the expectations of staff and students.


  • All individuals and their property are to be valued and treated with respect.

  • All individuals have the right to a safe, secure and cooperative working environment in which participation, risk taking and confronting challenges are encouraged.

  • All individuals have the right to privacy.

  • Staff should be able to perform their duties in an atmosphere of order and with cooperation.

  • Staff, students and the natural environment have the right to exist in a healthy and environmentally considerate atmosphere.

  • Rubicon expects support from all students, parents, and staff in implementing this Code of Conduct.


  • All students should treat one another, staff property and the environment, with respect.

  • All students should act and behave in a way which does not endanger, intimidate or interfere with the participation of others.

  • All students should respect others rights to privacy.

  • Students should comply with instructions given by any members of staff and should willingly contribute to the daily routine of Rubicon.

  • All students should conduct themselves in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

  • All students should behave according to this code and accept the consequences if it is breached. All staff should fairly, reasonably and consistently implement this code. Staff and parents of participating schools should support Rubicon in implementing the Code of Conduct.

Rubicon Expectations

  1. Students will comply with the directions of Rubicon Staff.

  2. Fighting, bullying and any other form of aggressive behaviour, including offensive, sexist or racist language, will be seen as a breach of our Code of Conduct.

  3. Students are requested to not leave Rubicon, unless they have the permission of the Principal or the Rubicon Teacher on duty. For reasons of safety, certain areas are out of bounds to all students; these will be outlined upon arrival.

  4. Cigarettes, alcohol, illicit drugs, offensive weapons, and pornographic material must not be brought to Rubicon.

  5. Rubicon recommends that personal listening devices and mobile phones are not consistent with the aims of our program. If brought to Rubicon, they must not to be used during activity time. Rubicon takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

  6. Students will dress appropriately at all times, including following Sun Smart requirements during Terms 1 and 4; this includes wearing hats and no singlet tops.

Privacy Statement

Rubicon collects personal information e.g. medical and consent forms, for the purpose of providing the best possible care for your child. We respect the rights of students, staff and parents to privacy of this information.

All Rubicon staff and the Department of Education and Training (DET) are required by law to protect this information provided by you.

Health information is asked for such that Rubicon staff can better care for your child. This information includes any medical condition or disability your child may have; medication your child may require whilst at Rubicon; any known allergies and contact details of your child’s doctor. Rubicon depends on you to provide all relevant health information; withholding health information may put your child’s health and safety at risk.

Information concerning parents, guardians or carers, allows us to take account of family arrangements. Family Court Orders outlining any access restrictions and parenting plans should be made available to Rubicon. Any changes to these arrangements must be communicated to Rubicon as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Principal if you would like to discuss in confidence, any matters relating to family arrangements.

Emergency Contacts

These are people that Rubicon may contact in an emergency. Please ensure people named are aware that they have been nominated as emergency contacts and agree to their details being provided to Rubicon.

If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of this information please contact the Principal.

Rubicon is a school, and as such is governed by the Department of Education and Training (DET). The DET Information Privacy Policy is available here .

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