Rubicon conducts VCE and VCAL programs. Individual programs are designed for schools incorporating relevant aspects of the Outdoor and Environmental studies course. Rubicon embarks on a partnership with the school to support the aims below.

This study enables students to:

  • Develop experience-based relationships with and knowledge of outdoor environments.
  • Develop an understanding of the ecological, historical, economic and social factors which have had an impact on and will influence outdoor environments over time.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that promote safe and sustainable interaction with outdoor environments.
  • Identify and analyse the strategies used to protect, conserve and manage outdoor environments in a sustainable manner.
  • Understand the implications of trends towards sustainable environmental relationships.
  • Critically analyse interactions with outdoor environments in shaping Australian cultural practices.

Rubicon provides schools with the capacity to link the theoretical and practical components of the VCE program. Learning programs can utilise a variety of natural environments to enrich and support the desired educational outcomes.


VCAL programs can be structured to fulfil specific course objectives and link workplace and training outcomes in a hands on approach to the natural world and Outdoor environment.