2019 Trainee Positions

Trainee Positions 2019 – IV in Outdoor Recreation

Positions available at Nayook and Thornton Campuses

Rubicon Outdoor Centre is a Secondary School within the Department of Education and Training (DET) with full-time teachers, a business manager and contract caterers, cleaners, and maintenance personnel. Rubicon is a member of the Residential Outdoor Schools Association (R.O.S.A.); a group of outdoor schools operating within the state education system. Rubicon is a school that specializes in providing Outdoor Education experiences for students from Victorian State Schools. Rubicon consists of 2 campuses: Nayook and Thornton.

Nayook Campus

The Nayook campus is located in West Gippsland half an hour north of Warragul, one and a half hours from Melbourne. The campus is situated on 35 hectares of native forest with facilities including a dormitory complex accommodating up to 26 students and 6 staff, indoor and outdoor teaching areas, kitchen, dining room, amenities, administration centre, staff residence and student recreation hall.

Activities taking place onsite include rock climbing, high ropes course, rogaining, initiatives and environmental activities. Nayook also has a developing environmental focus educating for sustainable living. The centre currently has a permaculture garden, animals, and a water conservation program.

Offsite activities can include bushwalking, canoeing, sea kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, skiing and caving.

Thornton Campus

The Thornton Campus is in the picturesque Rubicon Valley approximately 100km north-east of Melbourne. The small township of Thornton is approximately 6 km away and the larger centre of Alexandra is approximately 18 km from the campus. The campus is situated on 2.1 hectares of land with facilities including a dormitory complex accommodating up to 60 students and staff, indoor and outdoor teaching areas, kitchen, dining room, amenities, administration centre and student recreation areas.

Activities taking place onsite include rock climbing, rogaining, initiatives and environmental activities. Thornton also has an environmental focus educating for sustainable living. The centre currently has a vegetable garden and a water and power conservation program. Offsite activities can include bushwalking, canoeing, high ropes, rafting, rock climbing, horse riding, skiing and cycling.

The Program

Rubicon is a statewide resource providing programs to Victorian Government schools. Activities may vary depending on the aims and culture of the school; the age and experience of the students and seasonal factors. The length of attendance by students ranges from half a day to eight days.

Rubicon Outdoor Centre develops learning relationships with visiting schools. Learning goals are negotiated and developed with a specific focus on student learning outcomes. Our staff conduct a visit to the school, meeting with students and accompanying teachers. This meeting is an integral part of the Rubicon program and helps develop the ownership of the program for students and staff alike.

The Person

Rubicon is looking for Outdoor Recreation trainees to assist with the running of programs. You will be required to complete a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation and be interested in pursuing a career in Outdoor Recreation.

Trainees need to possess a strong desire to work with young people. Students participating in residential schools require a high level of pastoral care. Trainees need to be able to relate and communicate well with students, act in a mentoring role, whilst exercising their duty of care in a professional manner. Trainees also need to be able to work with a wide range of age groups, physical and mental abilities and ethnic backgrounds.

Trainees need to have a keen interest in outdoor adventure activities. Physical fitness, health and well- being are key elements of our programs. Trainees need to be comfortable at heights, on water and in the bush. Providing challenging experiences in the outdoors also requires a deep commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for both students and staff.

Rubicon holds the view that it is incompatible to participate in the natural environment without educating students about it. Programs have a strong environmental focus and trainees need to demonstrate a commitment towards conserving and educating for the natural environment.

Trainees accept responsibility for a range of different areas around the school. This requires being able to work both independently and as part of a team. They need to be highly motivated and be able to contribute ideas and develop new and existing aspects of the program.

Rubicon School is a workplace where all staff need to be able to work on any aspect of the program and facilities in all kinds of conditions. This requires flexibility and willingness to take on new jobs. This includes working with all adventure activities as well as taking on roles within administration or equipment maintenance.

Working Conditions

During programs there can be up to 14 hours of face to face contact with students per day and a duty of care exists for 24 hours for the entire program in which you may be required to stay overnight. The school is a smoke and alcohol-free workplace.

This is a demanding position and requires flexibility and a good sense of teamwork. Duties are varied and range from group leadership and facilitation and numerous other activities in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the program and centre. Group sizes at Rubicon vary and for most activities, you will be working at ratios of 2 staff with a group of 10-12 students. Trainees always work with a qualified teacher helping oversee the students.

Training conditions

The traineeship runs for 12 months and during this time trainees will be employed on a full-time basis for the operation of the school programs. During the year trainees are also enrolled in an approved VET course undergoing classes and activity skills training. This would include theory elements as well as a variety of skills training in bushwalking, first aid, canoeing, kayak, rafting, challenge ropes, mountain bike, rock climbing and skiing.

Trainees are responsible for the costs associated with training, enrolment and travel to the VET provider plus association and first aid course fees, and other personal outdoor equipment costs (eg thermals, walking shoes, etc.). In the past, this has amounted to around $4500 depending upon eligibility for concessions. Fees are set by the VET provider and change from year to year. The contract is conditional on you paying all fees to the training provider and being able to successfully complete your training. If for any reason you are unable to complete your training, we reserve the right to end your employment contract immediately.

The position attracts level B State Training Wage Category, which for a school leaver post year 12 is approximately $398.50 per week.

Specific Duties

  • To assist and teach in conjunction with outdoor teaching staff in all activities and programs.
  • Develop skills and knowledge in leading outdoor programs with small groups of secondary students.
  • Develop knowledge and judgment in a variety of outdoor experiences.
  • Act as an effective program leader and supportive staff member in the outdoor program.
  • Perform teaching and supervision duties on overnight activities, early mornings and evenings.
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of the role and duties of ‘Teaching in the Outdoors’.
  • Perform any duties as required around the school.

The Process

There are four parts to the application process.

Step 1

You must provide a C.V. including an indication that you meet all the prerequisites listed below and a list of referees with contact details.


  • Preferably completed a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation or equivalent
  • Successful completion of year 10, preferably with experience in V.C.E. Outdoor and Environmental Studies or similar experience
  • Over 18 years old or turning 18 in early 2019
  • Holder of a current manual driver’s license or learners permit obtaining a license early 2019
  • Currently hold or be able to pass a ‘Working with Children Check’.

Step 2

Secondly, you must write and tell us how you meet the key selection criteria upon which we evaluate you against the other applicants.

Key Selection Criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in outdoor adventure activities and an understanding of what young people benefit from participation.
  • Ability to work in a small productive team working towards a common goal and as a constructive member of a community.
  • Demonstrated interest in the natural environment and improving its condition.
  • Experience in a leadership role, accepting responsibility and demonstrating initiative.

Step 3

Lodge your application by email. Email: rubicon.oc@edumail.vic.gov.au

Step 4

Be available for an interview in early December. Interviews could include a group tour of the facilities and outdoor activities followed by a meeting with the selection panel and may take several hours to complete.

Applications close 12/10/2018.

For further information please contact the centre on (03) 5773 2285 or email the address above. Contact person is the Campus Principal.