About the School

Rubicon is a residential Outdoor Education school operated by the DET (formerly DEECD). Rubicon has two campuses; the original Thornton Campus is in the picturesque Rubicon Valley approximately 100 km north-east of Melbourne. The Nayook Campus, located near Neerim Junction, approximately 100 km east of Melbourne, is a recent addition to the school. The integration of this facility into the Rubicon programs is progressing and presents exciting opportunities for the school.

Rubicon caters for more than 3000 students annually.

Rubicon staffing across the campuses consists of Principal Class, teaching staff, ES staff, cooks and various cleaning and grounds staff. The school makes opportunities available for Tertiary students doing Outdoor Education Courses, Trainees and Work Experience Students to have on-site professional learning.

The grounds and buildings, including administration, kitchen, dormitories and other external facilities, are extremely well maintained. The Nayook site has recently undergone extensive building refurbishment with further development planned.

Rubicon offers programs for schools based on:

  1. Victorian Curriculum components (See Curriculum)
  2. VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies
  3. The VCAL program is specifically focused on personal development skills, teamwork, challenge, and leadership
  4. Students with Special Needs attend programs negotiated with schools that are designed to meet individual needs

Activities to compliment these programs include bush walking, canoeing (flat or moving water), caving, cross-country skiing, environmental studies, expeditions, high ropes, horse riding, initiative activities, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing and rogaining.

The environment is used as a medium for building leadership, personal development and teamwork, through residential, single-day and off-campus programs. Environmental sustainability is a very strong focus of all programs offered.

Child Safety

Rubicon is committed to being a Child Safe organisation and embedding a Child Safe culture into our practices and processes to ensure that all children who attend the School are safe at all times.

All children, regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation, family or social background have equal rights to protection from abuse. Rubicon is committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.

Rubicon has zero tolerance for child abuse and all staff employed by Rubicon are responsible for the care and protection of the children within our care and to report information about suspected child abuse.

Rubicon has a Child Safe policy which exists to provide a framework to ensure Rubicon is able to ensure all reasonable steps are taken so that students are safe from sexual abuse and can feel safe at all times.

Below are links to supporting documents:

Our Locations

Nayook Campus

Thornton Campus

About ROSA

With seven campuses across the state, the ROSA schools provide affordable high quality educational programs for the DET (formerly DEECD) schools that empower their students to develop beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours that will lead to sustainable living. Students achieve success through a unique personalised learning journey and within a small community living in a healthy, happy and safe environment.

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Solar Panels

Solar Power Production:

Rubicon has a photovoltaic power system that has been producing since the 17th of May 2008.

Yearly power production totals:

  • 2009 – 2777 kWh
  • 2010 – 2693 kWh
  • 2011 – 2671 kWh
  • 2012 – 2724 kWh
  • 2013 – 2642 kWh
  • 2014 – 2559 kWh
  • 2015 – 2538 kWh
  • 2016 – 2163 kWh

Monthly power production for 2017:

  • January – 265 kWh
  • February – 218 kWh
  • March – 212 kWh

Green Purchasing Initiatives:

  • All photocopy/printer paper is 100% recycled.

  • Continued purchasing of One Planet over-gear which is heavy duty and long lasting.

  • Staff-issue jackets from Patagonia who have very high sustainability, workforce ethics and fair trade practices throughout the company.

Other Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Tree planting day with Beaufort and Stawell Secondary Colleges.

  • Replaced 15 120w fluorescent light fittings with 3w LED fittings as a trial and are looking at continuing this roll-out over the whole school.

  • Meat free Monday for student’s first night at camp with associated research and presentation tasks for students.

  • New blinds installed in office increasing insulation and shading.

  • New energy efficient heaters for the main dorms.

  • Solar hot water service for the kitchen.

  • Working on the energy module of the ResourceSmart program.