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Welcome to the Rubicon Outdoor Centre Application page.

As a school, Rubicon values its relationships with visiting students and staff and is committed to working with visiting schools to deliver quality educational programs.

We recognize the considerable time and effort that schools put into organizing a visit to Rubicon and we will work closely with your school to ensure that a curriculum is designed to best meet the learning outcomes of the program.

To enhance the students' learning experience at Rubicon, schools will need to commit to scheduling pre and post program visits within 8 weeks of their visit to Rubicon. This meeting will be conducted by a Rubicon teacher via a school visit or video conference. These visits are an integral part of the curriculum delivery process and a commitment to these is a condition of accepting.

As a Government school, Rubicon is committed to ensuring that outdoor learning programs can be delivered at a reasonable cost. The charge of $30 per student per day includes all food, accommodation and outdoor activities (unless specific activities are required). Visiting schools are expected to arrange all transport to and from our campuses.

If you require any support with the application process please call us during school hours on 5773 2285 or email us via

  • Important!

    Each application must be submitted individually.

For example:

We had a booking but were unable to attend due to student numbers.

For example:

We have established a sequenced program through the year levels where outdoor learning is linked to school studies. Rubicon is an important part of this.

For example:

We would like a focus on the benefits of relationships and the impact this has on a student's own, and others', wellbeing.

Note: This should be based on the Victorian Curriculum.

For example:

As noted previously, this curriculum will foster emphasis on Positive Behaviour Support being introduced at our school and is a part of that narrative.

Note: dd/mm/yyyy format must be used.

Residential: Dormitory based accommodation.

Base Camp: Tent/hut/shelter based accommodation at a fixed location.

Journey Based: Tent based accommodation at varying locations.

For example:

Choosing base camp will focus on community living which will link back to fostering a respectful community.

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